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Chicago Bulls podcast by two geographically displaced Bulls fans. Bulls news, hot takes, analysis and more!

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Trade Bobby or Nah? | The Bully Pulpit | 2.4.2019

Superbowl sunday we talk about the Bulls week looking like a basketball team
-Porzingis is the first domino of the trade deadline
-What the hell should we do with Bobby?
-@senseicokechris talks trade predictions
-Lonzo Bull?
-Free agent and trade scenarios realy depend on the draft

Jim Boylen Looks Like Boss Baby | The Bully Pulpit | 1.25.19

-so Jim Boylen looks like Boss Baby, right?
-We got some fan questions KD for DSJ? What to do with Jabari?
-Got way off track talking biggest genitalia in the NBA
-Free agent targets like Tobias Harris 

The Bulls f*****g suck/Cam Reddish with @vicselbzYT | The Bully Pulpit | 1.19.19

Talking a dreadful week of Bulls
-Medical Staff incompetent? 
-Dunn Slumpin
-Cam Reddish scouter with VicSelbz
-Simeon products’ injuries and conditioning not coincidence?

Cash Money Boylen and Ja Morant | The Bully Pulpit | 1.12.19

-Jimmy Boylen gets the bag
-Recapping a hell week
-We give our scouting report on Ja Morant, PG from Murray State
-Derrick Rose makes a nono
-Lauri needs to unleash the agression
-Mid-season awards

Jimmy Butler: GARPAX Sleeper Agent | The Bully Pulpit | 1.6.19

Kicking the podcast off whining about the Bears!
-Pacers/Bulls Thriller
-Do the Timberwolves want to wear our skin?
-Cam Payne and Justin Holiday moves
-Looking at the trade market for ROLO/Parker
-Jimmy Butler antics
-Tank for Zion?

Beal and Davis Bulls Rumors?? | The Bully Pulpit | 12.30.18

New Song: Hallelujah Carter Jr/Jabari Parker
-Game recaps, winstreaks, and to tank or not to tank
-Trade Rumors Bradley Beal and Anthony Davis
-Ringing in 2018 with favorite moments and year awards!

The Bully Pulpit | Goodbye Fat Boy | 12.15.18

-Boylen > Pop
-Female coaches and orange slices
-Finding a trade for Jabari “Chunky butt” Parker
-Suns and Grizzlies makes an Oopsie

GARPAX: The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly

Our Analysis on the Current State of the Chicago Bulls. We want to set the record straight on the success and failure,  both sides have their arguments and emotions, but we provide a raw year by year breakdown of their tenure.
-Garpax, is the hate legit?
-Reinsdorfs too loyal
-GARPAX kind of a wash as to goodness and badness, but is it time for a change after a decade or more if you count before the promotions?
-Fire both, fire one who knows?! We’re going to support this team and hope for the best

Antonio Blankeney Costed Me 18 Bucks | 12.8.18 | Week 8

We tried to do a podcast while avoiding the Bulls turmoil….
-Ryan Loses the Beer Bet, never count out Blankeney to miss you some shots
-Old Bulls: Derrick Rose is making it rain and Joakim Noah is back and holstered up!
-The Bulls control the pace but lose to the Pacers but pull out a thriller against the Warriors
-We do everything in our power to avoid the 56 point elephant in the room

LAURI IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 12.1.18 | Week 7

On episode 7 of the bully pulpit podcast:
-Lauri is Back!!! Finnish Phrases and reddit comments on Lauri eating Rudolph included.
-2 special guests Kaitlyn and Rocky Balboa
-Updates on Doug McDermott
-What should the Bulls Rotation Be?
-Dwight Howard, butt pirate??
-Over/unders and beer bets
(Eagles Take it easy playing)
Standing on my porch just drinking Malort
I got 7 players on my mind
One I wanna kill him, two hes from Finland
One is from North Caroline
Come on Lauri, Don’t be sorry
We need you because Cam Payne, is retardy

Lauri Come Back | 11.24.18 | Week 6

This week on the Bully Pulpit Podcast, the Bulls go 1-2 on the week.
-Zach Lavine looks dead when putting up threes.
-Maybe Lauri comes back next week???
-Omer Asik talks Joakim Noah
-Over/unders, Ryan makes a sharp turn in the beer bet, and more Bulls trivia!
-Go Bears?!?!

Fred Hoiberg is the New Tony Snell | 11.17.18 | EP. 5

Bulls go 0-4. All hope is lost. 
The boys get drunk on Hennessy with special guest, Tom Goldhammer. 
Trade machine… Antony Davis to the Bulls???
Bulls trivia. 
Over/Unders and Beer Bet of the week. 
Fred Hoiberg has better hops than Jabari Parker. 
Should the Bulls trade Bobby Portis? 

Ryan Arcidiacono… GOAT? | 11.10.18 | Week 4

In the fourth episode, Archie gets a song
-The Bulls go 2-1 this week!
-Zach Lavine is in rare territory
-Garry Wins the Beer Bet
-Jimmy Butler gets traded and is on to bully Fultz and Mike Muscala
-Tyrus Thomas is a bum, or misunderstood?
-Can Garry rebuild the Wizards?
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