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A combination of game and player analysis, as well as all the news items concerning the Chicago Bulls, BullsHQ is your weekly Bulls podcast that covers it all.

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Ep. 53: Welcome Back, Lauri

On a new episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred), host of the Chicago Bullseye and Big Red Bus podcasts, to discuss the return of Lauri Markkanen against the Houston Rockets. Topics discussed include: Markkanen’s play in his first game back (3:26), the decision to bring Markkanen off the bench (5:02), how Markkanen and LaVine will work together (15:20), the lack of depth at point guard hurting the young bigs (25:34), Wendell Carter’s huge night against the Detroit Pistons (33:30), and much more.

Ep. 52: Another Moral Victory

On a new episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by The Athletic Chicago writer Stephen Noh (@StephNoh) to discuss the Bulls’ latest loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.   Topics discussed include: The continued great play from Ryan Arcidiacono (3:35), Zach LaVine’s bounce back game (7:20), Wendell Carter Jr’s struggles (15:04), expectations for Lauri Markkanen when he returns next week (28:30), what the Kyle Korver trade may mean for Justin Holiday (37:51), and much more.

Ep. 51: Always A Quarter Short

On a new episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) to discuss the Bulls’ most recent losses to the Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves. Topics discussed include: The referees targeting Wendell Carter Jr (5:22), another very nice game from Jabari Parker (12:47), the dependence on Zach LaVine (20:33), Derrick Rose’s resurgence in Minnesota (29:24), back-to-back double-doubles for Justin Holiday (37:30), why Fred decided to name his band ‘Tight Pants Jimmy’, and much more.

Ep. 50: Tanksgiving

On the latest episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Will Gottlieb (@wontgottlieb) to review Chicago’s impressive win over the Phoenix Suns. Topics discussed include: Jabari Parker’s best game as a Bull (4:18), Zach LaVine’s impressive return from illness (8:12), Ryan Arcidiacono hustling all over the United Center (10:55), and the battle in the middle between Wendell Carter Jr. and DeAndre Ayton (14:22).  Later in the show, attention turns to if the Bulls are bad (good?) enough to tank (18:40), Denzel Valentine’s season-ending injury (27:30), where the Bulls player figured in ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus release (32:41), and much more. 

Announcement: BullsHQ moving away from SoundCloud

Hello Bulls fans. Just a quick programming note letting you all know that BullsHQ has transitioned away from SoundCloud as its podcasting host to Libsyn. This news is more for those listeners who are used to following and downloading the show via SoundCloud. Going forward, unfortunately new episodes will not be available via SoundCloud. You will be able to go over the back catalogue here on SoundCloud, however all episodes, including all new shows will now be hosted over at Libsyn. In light of this, I’m hoping this doesn’t cause too much drama for those listeners who have supported and downloaded the show via SoundCloud. You can now get BullsHQ over at Libsyn, in addition to iTunes and Stitcher — which should be unaffected by this change — and now Spotify too.

Ep. 49: The Jabari Parker Experiment Has Failed

Back again this week for another instalment of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) to discuss the embarrassing loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Topics discussed include: Zach LaVine’s struggles over the last 10 games (1:30), Fred finally gives Justin Holiday some praise (11:08), debating the point of Jabari Parker on this team (16:46), and much more.  Later in the show, Morten Jensen stops by to argue why the Parker experiment hasn’t been worth the time (38:25), and why Wendell Carter Jr. is the real deal (45:03). 

Ep. 48: Talking Bulls w/ Marc ‘Silvy’ Silverman

On the latest episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) and Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) are joined by a very special guest. Along with his broadcasting partner, Tom Waddle, hosting the ever popular Waddle and Silvy show on ESPN 1000, the BullsHQ boys had the great pleasure of talking Bulls with Marc ‘Silvy’ Silverman.  Topics discussed include: How Silvy became a Bulls fan (4:46), general impressions of coach Fred Hoiberg (9:43), how the Jabari Parker experiment has unfolded (18:21), management’s decision-making during the rebuild (24:29), and much more.  Later on the show, Mark and Fred revise and set the terms for their season-long bet, and Fred shares an epic tale from years gone by.

Ep. 47: Two Wins In One Week!

Back again this week for another instalment of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) to discuss the changes to the starting unit post the Bobby Portis injury, the state of the team over the coming weeks without four key players, if the Bulls can recover from so many injuries, and much more.

Ep. 46: Dunn Down But We Have a W

On the latest episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by senior writer covering the Bulls for The Athletic, Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry). It was a tough start to the week for the Bulls, losing to the Dallas Mavericks on the road then losing Kris Dunn to a knee injury. Mark and Darnell the injury and the potential issues this causes for the Bulls over the next 1-2 months. Later on the show, the two discuss the Bulls’ unlikely win against Hornets, Cameron Payne’s career night, Zach LaVine’s continued emergence, and much more.

Ep. 45: New Season, More Ls

The regular season is upon us, and to take you through the first two games, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer to talk Chicago’s opener against the Philadelphia 76ers (1:17). Later in the show, Mark is also joined by Kevin Anderson (@Kevin_NBCS) of NBCS Sports Chicago to go over the crushing defeat to the Detroit Pistons (33:46).

Ep. 44: Preseason Is Over

Wrapping up the final set of preseason games, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Edward Shuler Jr (@EdwardShulerJr), host of the Bulls Gold podcast. Though only preseason, there was plenty to talk about in this week of Bulls basketball. Mark and Edward discuss the merits of changing up the starting lineup (2:29), what the change means for Jabari Parker (7:25), Zach LaVine’s continued strong play (23:15), the good and bad of Kris Dunn’s preseason play (34:43), Bobby Portis playing himself into a big contract (41:31), getting hyped for Wendell Carter Jr. (57:34), and much more.

Ep. 43: Bucking Hell

On this week’s episode, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred), host of the Chicago Bullseye and Big Red Bus podcasts, to discuss the Bulls’ first two preseason games.  After an impressive win against the Pelicans and an embarrassing loss to the Bucks, Mark and Fred discuss the roles of Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday moving forward (7:19), Jabari Parker’s horror return to Milwaukee (10:27), the legitimacy of starting Wendell Carter Jr. right now (14:24), if the Bulls have any chance of stopping teams with this roster (22:42), Bobby Portis’ strong performances (31:09), the improvement of Zach LaVine’s shot chart (46:42), and much more.

Ep. 42: 2018-19 Season Preview

Back again for another week, and with the season just around the corner, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by writers for The Athletic and co-hosts of the Bull Court Press podcast, Will Gottlieb (@wontgottlieb) and Stephen Noh (@StephNoh), to go through an in-depth season preview.  Taking you through all the key questions heading into the season, topics discussed include: The projected strength and weaknesses for this team (3:57), Kris Dunn as a lead guard (16:18), can Lauri Markkanen take another giant leap in year two (34:30), setting expectations for Wendell Carter Jr (40:56), the pairing and crossover of Zach LaVine and Jabari Parker on the wing (47:23), and so much more.