Bawl! On Bulls

93: The Remote Part 2

Welcome to the final show of our 2 night podcast remote from the awesome Piece Pizza located 1927 West North. Today we got the man, the myth, the Legend SeeRedFred himself, Fred Pfeiffer and his co-host, writer, blogger, The Podfather, Doug Thonus.

92: The Announcement

This is a special one. On here we announce our 1st ever BAWL! remote from Piece Pizza Feb. 15th and the 22nd. Building around Lauri, LaVine a star or piece and Niko days being numbered.

91: Return of the Zach

Welcome in to the show that is ecstatic to have Zach LaVine back. We discuss his 1st game in action and his future with According 2 Sources host Christian. We also talk tanking, Niko trades and The Last Jedi. Also Dave asks a question he’s been holding in for a while. Find out the guys’ reaction to it and more. Enjoy the ride good people. BAWL!

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 90 – WTF?!?

Merry New Year! Ok, let’s get down to it. The Bulls won 7 straight and even though we don’t know how, Dave is not mad and you shouldn’t be either.

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 89 – Pence Forth from this Day Forward

Full show for you on deck. We got writer from Bulls Outsider Brandon Pence along with us for the ride. We talk the tank, Kris Dunn starting, is Hoiberg tanking or incompetent and Chris’ theory as to why Markkanen isn’t getting more touches.

BAWL! Episode 88 – Roast Battle (Seinfeld)

On this one we brought back Dee Jackson and Tone AKA Feast is Famine to drink a few beers, roast each other, try to get Dee to watch Seinfeld, and discuss plenty of Bulls topics.

BAWL! Episode 87 – Punks Jump Up to Get BeatDown

We giving nothing but abuse! Peace and Love kind wonderful people. Welcome in. The NBA season is now in full swing and you picked a great time to check out your podcaster’s favorite Bulls podcast. On this one, we talk the Niko/Portis Rocky IV “fight”.

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 86 – Tournament of Trash RD 4

We have reached the Fatal 4 of the Tournament of Trash. Our awesome guest Dre from According2Sources joins up to pick the winners.

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 85 – Tournament of Trash RD 3

We back and in fact we doing Round 3 of the Tournament of Trash with Dee Jack. You feel me black. We never fall like “splat” and that’s that. Ok we’ll stop. Tone aka Feast is Famine also joins us.

Tournament of Trash: 1:00:15
Guest: Dee Jackson

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 84 – Tournament of Trash RD 2

Good people. Round 2. Tournament Of Trash. It’s time. We got writer and friend Jack Silverstein making the picks and talking the Bulls future. A good time is right ahead. Tune in. Laugh. And enjoy. BAWL! On Bulls is here.

Tournament of Trash: 0:10:50
Guest: Jack Silverstein