Month: February 2020

BullsOnTap Episode 53

Buzz (@BuzzOnTap) and Goose (@BullScripted) talk about the Chicago Bulls 124-122 loss to the OKC Thunder. Zach and Coby. got hot to keep the Bulls in the game but ultimately fell short. Brought to you by OnTapSportsNet.Com 

133: Josh 2.0

We have the man himself Josh J. from the fantastic Bullish Hoops podcast with us to talk about the NBA All-Star festivities, changes to the Bulls front office and what player for the Beloved has disappointed the most this season.

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The losing streak is finally over

On this episode of Cash Considerations, Jason and Ricky talk about the Bulls finally ending their long losing streak with a win over the Wizards. The Bulls had come out of the break with losses to the Hornets and Suns to make it eight Ls in a row, but Coby White and Zach LaVine led the way against Washington to break the streak. We give shoutouts to White and LaVine before diving into Jim Boylen’s latest timeout shenanigans, which only added to Zach’s frustrations this season. We also dive into the latest rumors involving the front office, including Pacers GM Chad Buchanan reportedly being a target. 


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Zach vs. Boylen

On a new episode of BullsHQ, hosts Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) and Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) discuss the evolving dynamic between a frustrated Zach LaVine and head coach Jim Boylen after some interesting post game comments after an eighth consecutive loss. 

Also on the show, Mark and Fred go over:

–  The news surrounding the planned front office changes, including reports that the Bulls have Indiana Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan atop of their wish list

– Why the Reinsdorf’s are the ones holding this franchise back

– The ever-growing list of injuries

– Favourite Star Wars scenes, and why Yoda sucks, and much more


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BullsOnTap Episode 52

Buzz (@BuzzOnTap) flies solo in this one. The Chicago Bulls break their 8 game losing streak and beat the Wizards. Coby White catches fire and Zach LaVine breaks a franchise record! Brought to you by OnTapSportsNet.Com 

BullsOnTap Episode 51

Buzz (@BuzzOnTap) and Goose (@BullScripted) discuss the Chicago Bulls loss to the Charlotte Hornets. This was the Bulls 7th straight loss and the hits just keep coming. Brought to you by OnTapSportsNet.Com 

Ep. 34 – Are Real Changes Coming to the Bulls?

Derek Briscoe from Chicago Sports Nation and the Chicago Hot Sauce Podcast joins host Matt Gentile recap NBA All-Star Weekend and discuss reports about possible changes to the Bulls’ front office. Are Gar Forman and John Paxson being ushered out or continue to work behind the scenes? Matt and Derek also toss out possible hires, including Shane Battier, Mike Dunleavy Jr. and even Masai Ujiri.

All-Star Weekend Recap

On this special All-Star Weekend edition of Cash Considerations, Jason and Ricky detail their experiences covering the All-Star festivities in Chicago. We discuss the notable lack of Bulls presence and some of the humiliation the franchise endured over the weekend, but also note some of the fun discussions with Wendell Carter Jr. and Zach LaVine. We laud the All-Star experience as a whole before getting into the recent reports about potential changes in the Bulls’ front office. 

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Are Front Office Changes Really Coming?

On a new episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) welcomes in his new regular co-host, Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred).

On the show, Mark and Fred discuss the rumours circulating about potential changes to the Bulls front office, the embarrassment the Bulls are taking through the media with the All-Star game in town, Jim Boylen’s most recent baffling media conferences, and much more.


BullsOnTap Episode 50

Buzz (@BuzzOnTap), Goose (@BullScripted), and SeeRedFred (@CBEFred) talk about the Chicago Bulls and where they are at in this season. Dunn Island, Otto Porter Jr, Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, and Jimbo Boylen are all discussed in depth…. Also the #FireGarPax chants are discussed as well. Do not miss this episode! Happy BullsOnTap 50! Brought to you by OnTapSportsNet.Com