Month: February 2019

Chicago Bullseye 419 – Interview with KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the inimitable KC Johnson @kcjhoop of the Chicago Tribune. The Hemingway of Bulls Beat Writers addresses a variety of topics and questions: 1:30 I thought the handling of Parker during Boylen’s first month was catastrophic for the Bulls. Was Boylen or the Front office the impetus behind that decision? 4:30 What did more damage to the reputation of the Bulls org: The handling of Parker or Boylen’s first week (wind sprints, near mutiny, practice after the Boston loss)? 8:40 What was your reaction to the Otto Porter trade? What has impressed you the most about Otto Porter Jr? 11:45 Is Dunn done? I hear whispers there are off court issues. I think it’s highly suspicious…

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Cash Considerations Ep 22: The Bulls have no time for tanking

Cash Considerations is back with special guest Mark Karantzoulis of BullsHQ and Blog a Bull joining the show to talk about the suddenly red-hot Bulls. Chicago has won four of its last five games, and Mark helps Ricky and Jason talk about the driving forces behind the winning stretch. We discuss why we’re happy to see the Bulls playing better instead of focusing on a tank and do some looking ahead to the future. Mark also talks about why he loves Ryan Arcidiacono, the “rivalry” with Bulls megafan See Red Fred and favorite Joakim Noah moments. 

Chicago Bullseye 418 – The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER! See Red Fred @cbefred, Mark Lewinthal @bullseyemark23, and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the sudden progression towards greatness of the Budding Big Red Leviathan. 1:30 2 Biggest Reasons that the Team has been playing so well 5:00 Is Kris Dunn Done? 9:55 Bring Derrick Rose Back 12:45 The Face of the Team 14:00 What do you feel is more likely…Lauri becoming a top-10 player, or the Bulls wining the 10-14% Zion lottery, and he then will become a top-10 player? 17:50 Do we have the Eastern Conference Contender Core here already? 21:00 The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

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OK this is Fun Now | The Bully Pulpit | 2.23.19

-Bulls are 4 of their last 6!
-The Suite Life of Zach and Lauri
-Darius Garland Scouting with @mike23002300
-New Space Jam Movie?
-1 and done rule?

Cash Considerations Ep. 21: Bulls at the Break with The Athletic’s Stephen Noh

It may be the All-Star break, but there’s no break for Cash Considerations. On this episode, Ricky and Jason are joined by The Athletic’s Stephen Noh to talk all things Bulls. Stephen gives reasons why you should watch the rest of this season, and there’s plenty of chatter about Otto Porter Jr., Lauri Markkanen and the Bulls’ improved offense under Jim Boylen. They go on to hit on a variety of other topics surrounding the Bulls and their future, and Ricky also has some thoughts about Jerry Reinsdorf’s other team, the White Sox, missing out on Manny Machado, if you’re into that sort of thing.


We started this week’s episode with continued discussion of Otto Porter, following his career night against the Memphis Grizzlies. We talked about the impact Porter is having on both sides of the ball for the Bulls, and how the team will continue to feat…

Felicio All Star Snub | The Bully Pulpit | 2.15.19

-Ryan wants to start an WNBA Podcast
-Bulls play some good ball with Otto Porter
-Bulls going hard for Ja Morant
-Lauri Markkanen, Rising Star
-Impossible BullsAll Star Trivia

Chicago Bullseye 417 – Are you done with Dunn?

See Red Fred interviews the Great Bulldog Kevin Anderson @Kevin_NBCS of NBC Sports Chicago. The topics addressed include: 1:50 Are you done with Dunn? 7:30 Bulldog’s 1-2-3 Point Guard Free-Agent options? 17:17 The Otto Porter Jr. Trade 25:00 Bulls vs Knicks 34:00 If the Lakers Win the Lottery

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113: The Breaks

We have made it to the All-Star break. Hasn’t been easy as a Bulls fan, but we did it. We’re talking the trade of Jabari and Bobby, what Otto Porter Jr. brings to the team and we get in a spirited debate about Anthony Davis and his trade demands.

The Bulls Are Good Again (Sort Of)

On a new episode of BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Will Gottlieb (@wontgottlieb) to talk all things Bulls post the trade deadline. Topics discussed: The differing perspectives on the trade that brought Otto Porter to Chicago (3:16), how Porter has given the Bulls a new look and feel (8:30), Lauri Markkanen’s recent dominance (15:11), small ball lineups with Porter and what that means for the pairing of Wendell Carter and Markkanen (27:53), what the future holds for Kris Dunn (40:01), and much more.