Month: January 2018

Ep. 20: The Tank Has A Pulse

In this weeks show host Mark Karantzoulis is joined by Stephen Noh of The Athletic to review the latest in Chicago Bulls basketball. Topics discussed include: The log jam in the front court, the Bulls sorely missing Kris Dunn, the issues at point guard, Zach LaVine’s struggles, Nikola Mirotic to the Pelicans, and Lauri Markkanen’s undersold rookie season.


Chicago Bullseye 373 – Tanks for the Memories!

The Tank is Back!  In part 1 of the episode, Keith Frantz @BullScripted joins the show to discuss the current state of the Beloved Bulls, and the downward turn giving hope to tankers everywhere.  In Part 2, Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher joins the Bullseye to discuss the Cousins Injury, the declining Cavs, and the All-Star Game Rosters. Follow Fred: @cbefred Email the Show:  

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Bulls Beat #377 – Tank on

Without Kris Dunn, the Bulls have gone 0-3 and are likely to pile up more losses going forward.   Zach LaVine has played poorly, and Niko Mirotic will likely be gone soon things could remain ugly the rest of the year.   Check out the Bulls Beat on Itunes or via RSS:

Ep. 19: Is The Tank Dead?

Host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) takes a look at the upcoming schedule for the Bulls and how that may play a part in the tanking effort, and if Mirotic still being on the team up until the trade deadline will cost the Bulls a great opportunity to improve their draft pick.  Later on the show, Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) stops by to discuss the status of the Big Red Bus.


Big Red Bus #2 – Atlanta is Burning

See Red Fred and Doug Thonus join forces in this new podcast discussing the Chicago Bulls.  In this second episode,  the Podcasting legends discuss the victory of Atlanta, Markkanan’s path as an unstoppable force, LaVine’s poor defense,

Bulls Beat #376 – No Defense

LaVine’s defense slows the Bulls against the Warriors.  Kris Dunn is in the concussion protocol, and the Bulls may have changed their minds about what to do with their cap room.   Also, just as a heads up, I realize the audio quality of the show is not where it needs to be.  I’m hoping to get some new equipment in the next couple weeks to help out with that.   Also, correction, it was Brian Windhurst not Adrian Wojarnowski reporting the Bulls may use cap room to take on salary in exchange for picks.

Chicago Bullseye 372 – Bulls Cool Off the Heat

The Bulls continue their winning ways with a victory over the Red Hot Heat.  Keith Frantz @BullScripted joins the show to discuss the victory, Golden State’s upcoming visit, and the precarious status of the tank. Follow See Red Fred: @cbefred Email the show:  

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91: Return of the Zach

Welcome in to the show that is ecstatic to have Zach LaVine back. We discuss his 1st game in action and his future with According 2 Sources host Christian. We also talk tanking, Niko trades and The Last Jedi. Also Dave asks a question he’s been holding in for a while. Find out the guys’ reaction to it and more. Enjoy the ride good people. BAWL!

Ep. 18: Return Of The Zach

Host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Kevin Ferrigan (@nbacouchside) to discuss the return and debut of Zach LaVine as a Chicago Bull. Topics discussed include: How Fred Hoiberg will manage the rotation with LaVine back, whether LaVine will help a tanking cause, what his next contract may look like, as well as those Nikola Mirotic trade rumors.


Chicago Bullseye 371 – Interview with the Eminent Mitch from the Bulls Show

Podcast Icon Sharone Mitchell Jr aka Mitch from the Bulls Show @SharoneILJP joins the Bullseye for a wide-ranging interview.  Recorded on Saturday Morning 1.13.18 before the victory over the Pistons and the debut of Zach LaVine, Topics Discussed: Mitch’s Background and his Favorite Bull of All-Time – (1:45) * Ben Gordon – (3:09) * Lauri Markkanen – (6:00) * Can the Bulls win a Title with the LaVine-Dunn-Markkanen core win a Title in 3-4 years – (8:00) * What do you think of Kris Dunn? – (11:27) * The Jimmy Butler Trade – (13:01) * Comparing the Jimmy Trade to Paul George Trade – (16:00) * Irving vs. Thomas – (26:00) * Jimmy Butler – (29:00) * Dwayne Wade –…

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