Month: August 2017

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 84 – Tournament of Trash RD 2

Good people. Round 2. Tournament Of Trash. It’s time. We got writer and friend Jack Silverstein making the picks and talking the Bulls future. A good time is right ahead. Tune in. Laugh. And enjoy. BAWL! On Bulls is here.

Tournament of Trash: 0:10:50
Guest: Jack Silverstein

BAWL! on Bulls Episode 83 – Tournament of Trash RD 1

Fellow trash lovers! This show is for you! Welcome into BAWL!l on Bulls. Of course we got the awesome guest Fred Pfeiffer from Chicago Bullseye. The Main Event is the 3rd Annual Tournament of Trash. This year we do the worst Chicago Bulls Front Office decisions. Thanks for tuning in. The Tournament rages on…

Tournament of Trash: 01:05:00
Guest: Fred Pfeiffer (See Red Fred)